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Brighouse Town v Atherton Collieries

29/08/2015 – 3pm 

FA Cup First Preliminary Round

Result 1-1


Following the victory at Bootle I followed the cols to Brighouse for the first preliminary round of the cup. Deciding to make a day of it I was joined by my brother Tony and good friend Matt who offered up their time for a bit of moral support and a few beers.

We kicked things off at the railway pub in Brighouse which was so friendly. Special mention to Trevor who made us feel so welcome!


We arrived at the ground just before kickoff and the cols fans were fantastic once again and provided me with my first scarf of the journey. Thanks Joe!


The game itself was enjoyable and ended up 1-1 which means my first replay on bank holiday Monday. It was hard to walk away from the game though without thinking the cols should have probably snatched this one already.

Match report here by Zach Pierce..

So another great day out in a town I’ve never been before. Next stop Atherton who I will be watching for the 3rd time. It will be great to see their home though. Come on the cols! 

The winners will host Newton Aycliffe in the next round.

A few more pics and clips from the big day out…



The journey begins…. Bootle v Atherton Collieries

It’s the extra preliminary round of the FA Cup and Bootle take on Atherton Colleries. For some reason I find myself at the ‘Delta Taxis Stadium’ bright and early to begin what is going to be a tough challenge.

I have taken it upon myself to enter the magic of the FA cup at its earliest stage and follow through the winning teams from this game all the way to the final. My self set rules are as follows:

1. You must attend at the earliest stage of the competition.

2. Which ever team wins you will follow them on their FA cup run and get fully behind the team.

3. All games and replays along the cup run must be attended.

4. If at any time Blackpool FC are the winning team and they have a home draw then this project must be abandoned. #NAPM #OystonOut

5. Souvenirs, photos and blogs must be shared with the world.

And that’s it… Success will be judged on how much money I can raise for charity, how much fun I have along the way.

Anyway, back to today’s game….

Arriving at the ground it’s a little more busy than I anticipated.  At least 70-80. There is a buzz..

The teams are lining up…

Game kicks off


As part of this blog I’m not going to post a personal detailed review the games. This is all about the journey and the people I meet and the experience. I’ll link to match reports where available.

The result was 0-2 to Atherton Collieries and an interview with The Cols manager Michael Clegg can be found here:
The Cols fans seem a lively bunch and I did manage to speak to a few. They are certainly dedicated to the cause. The highlight for me has the be after the 2nd goal was scored when we all knew it would be the Cols going to Brighouse….

I really didn’t know what to expect for my first round experience but I certainly hope I carry on enjoying it like I did this one.

A few more photos and videos below