Stalybridge Celtic v North Ferriby United

24/10/2015 Sat 3pm

Fourth Round Qualifying


With the 1st Round Proper looming this was a huge game for both sides and for me it was a tie closer to home so once again I was joined by friends for the final qualifying round of the campaign.


After leaving the station at Stalybridge there was a march up the hill to Bower Fold where after a quick breather we were able to soak up the atmosphere and ale and enjoy the day.


Over to the game and you could tell both sides were going into this cautiously and for the majority of the first half it had 0-0 written all over it. Just before the end of the first half though I was able to capture my first goal on video as North Ferriby made it 1-0 with a well worked goal. The lighting and camera work is shoddy but you can just about make it out….


 At half time all was looking rosy for the villagers….


The second half was much like the first in terms of the sides being even and it looked like it was to be Ferriby who would take the spoils as we approached the 94th minute. Stalybridge were having none of it though and equalised with seconds to spare. A decent game and a decent day out again but ANOTHER REPLAY!!! Back to Ferriby we go for the 3rd time!


Match Report below


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